The Dog & Horse Show

#001 – Brute Force

DVD – $15 – In Stock

“Legendary porn star, Jamie Gillis, in his first gay video!” Well, not really.. but Redboard bills it as that anyways. See Jamie doing what he does best, giving out his one of a kind physical and verbal punishment, except this time to gay guys! A must have for any serious Jamie Gillis collector.

#002 – The Necrophiliac

DVD – $15 – In Stock

Very rare early loop featuring Jamie Gillis fucking Tina Russell as she plays dead in a coffin.
DVD also includes bonus loops: Ping Pong Escapes! & Sex Psycho!

#003 – The Birthday Party

DVD – $15 – In Stock

In this rare unreleased bisexual scene featuring Jamie Gillis, Serena celebrates her birthday by sharing her cake and Jamie’s cock with their young friend. DVD also includes bonus loops: Mrs. American Pie & Hot Ketchup with Carter Stevens.

#004 – Custom Tape No. 3

DVD – $15 – In Stock

The home movies contained on this dvd are the collected extreme homoerotic exploits of the one and only Christopher Rage. Seen previously in parts and in various degraded quality, this is the tape as Rage intended. A strong stomach and fetish for piss and shit is essential to fully enjoy this bathroom masterpiece.

#005 – Vampire Bride

DVD – $15 – In Stock

In one of his earliest performances, Jamie Gillis dons the cape as Count Dracula. Fucking and sucking a young virgin before draining her of her blood.
This all vampire themed dvd also includes the bonus loops JAWS & Young Dracula

#006 – Snuff

DVD – $15 – In Stock

Snuff ups the sex and violence you’ve come to expect from The Dog & Horse Show to another level. Nasty, violent and grimy. Theres no more to say. DVD also includes bonus loops: HOOKED & Perils of Pauline

#007 – SS Kunt Rippers

DVD – $15 – In Stock

Three hardcore nazi torture loops. Featuring original music by Sodium Seconal

#008 – Dildo School

DVD – $15 – In Stock

This is the infamous Dildo School tape. Watch giant crisco smothered dildos disappear inside some of the world’s true anal gaping masters.
DVD also includes bonus loop Peanut Butter & Jelly

#009 – Superman

DVD – $15 – In Stock

Superman Jamie Gillis saves a damsel in distress from the clutches of a sex maniac. She’s so grateful she thanks him the best way she knows how!
Also includes bonus loops… Batman & Robin vs Dicknose! & Sex Comics

#010 – Perversion

DVD – $15 – In Stock

A young man has just been crucified by six blood thirsty vixens, and this is just the beginning for him. It’s a ceremony of modern witchcraft where the women ritually dance around and masturbate in front of him. Getting his cock nice and stiff so they can suck the blood and cum from it.
DVD also includes bonus loops: Bound to Please & …On Second Thought

#011 – Midnight Blue

DVD – $20 – VHS -$25 In Stock

Two Episodes of Al Goldstein’s infamous cable public access show Midnight Blue from 1994. Set includes small comic of Al Goldstein with Larry Flynt.

DHS.SP.1 – Cinema Da Boca Do Lixo

DVD – $20 – In Stock

Double Feature of Cinema Da Boca Do Lixo films starring infamous Brazilian actor Chumbinho. Films included are Fuk Fuk a Brasileria and Taras do Mini Vampiro. Both films are XXX.

#012 – Osama’s Last Stand! / OSAMA ASS-A-HOLA

DVD – $20– In Stock

Double Feature dvd with both films featuring Kembra Pfahler dominating Osama Bin Laden.

#013 – Frog Porn

DVD – $15 – In Stock

Long sought after Japanese porno featuring a disgusting human toad abusing a young woman in the most vile of ways.

#014 – The Ritual Killing

DVD – $15 – In Stock

A classic satanic rape story shot with style and flair on a farm. Also includes bonus loops Kitchen Helper and Anal Love.

#015 – Freaks of Nature

DVD – $15 – In Stock

You might have seen clips from this porn obscurity in mixtapes from the late 90s – here is the full, uncut freakshow in all its sloppy glory.

#016 – Son of Quazimodo

DVD – $15 – In Stock

Three girls visit a famed cathedral and discover, much to the guide’s dismay, that Quazimodo is a turn on, hump and all. Also includes three bonus horror themed loops: Vampire Orgy, Horror Stories, and Casanova and The Nuns. Featuring music by Al Cavallo.

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL – The Texas Dildo Masquerade

DVD – $15 – In Stock

“LOOK WHAT YOUR BROTHER DID TO THE WHORE!” Astonishingly faithful adaptation of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, with more dildos than you can shake a dick at.