Amputee Love Comic REPRINT now for sale

“Have you any idea what it’s like to make the scene with a one-legged chick and have her do a lil’ love-stumpin’? No? Are you willing to try it out?”

Amputee Love is a charming, bizarre, and relentlessly horny 1975 comic by husband and wife team “Rich and Rene”, Rene herself a double amputee. The story follows the trials and titillations of Lyn, a high flying executive recently laid low by a devastating car crash and loss of her right leg. After her small minded fiancée leaves her, she meets by a group of similarly limb-lacking ladies and their admirers to discover a world of sexual possibilities and, most importantly, to discover herself!!!!!!

This rare piece of fringe sexual expression is a must for any sensible purveyor of vintage comics and the erotic arts. I have worked diligently to bring this rare comic back to life, along with a bonus print of vintage amputee art from my personal collection.

Email to order.

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